Kim’s Thoughts: The Seeds You Plant

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Are we really raising them right?

Recently I have had several conversations about parenting and how many of us feel we have to raise our children better than we were. A lot of us really try hard to make sure we give our children a better life than what we had coming up. This could be any where from education, the environment we raise them in, the things we buy them, etc. The conversation was are we really doing a better job raising them or are we just spoiling them? Something to consider is how this generation of youth don’t appreciate having  lot of the things we didn’t such as a house that isn’t shared with other family members, air conditioner, named brand shoes and clothes, and the list goes on. Many youth feel this is something we owe them and if they don’t have what “THEY” feel is suitable enough for them, they act out. REALLY! Now this isn’t the real problem. the real problem is many parent give in to this behavior giving the youth power. Not only is this dangerous but it also gives the youth no sense of responsibility nor does it allow them to earn/work for certain things. We as parents are responsible for basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing. There is no law that states we have to give youth what they asked for. So why do many of us work two jobs, overtime, bust our backs just to give this generation more power? It’s time for us to take our position back!