My Brothers And Sisters is a Not-For-Profit Community Outreach Program committed to empowering the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our programs and activities incorporate various seminars, workshops, and employment initiatives as vehicles to promote positive self image, commitment to family, ethics and education that will enable them to be productive citizens in society. The targeted age group are youth 9 to 18 with emphasis placed on those in the Juvenile Justice System; however, our program also includes working with at-risk youth who have never entered, and want to stay out of, the system.
Our goal is to deter the youth from being placed in transitional programs that would cause them to be sent away from home.
Each year we host family oriented events designed to bridge the divide between children and their parents. Our flagship event, Daddy & Daughter Date Night, was developed to strengthen the bond between fathers (or father-figures) and their daughters. Mother and Son Night Out was birthed from the revelation that mothers want that same type of positive bond with their sons. Our firm belief is that it takes a village to raise a child, and to that effect, we invite a variety of motivational speakers, community leaders and clergy to encourage, motivate and challenge each family member to foster positive relationships with each other.
My Brothers And Sisters also facilitates youth mentoring programs designed to teach social skills, self respect and respect for others. The ultimate goal is to have a facility that is able to house at-risk juveniles and provide mentoring and educational programs as an alternative to their introduction to the Juvenile Justice System.


Our mission is to mend and nurture family relationships through entertainment, mentoring, artistic expression, and embracing cultural diversity.


My Brothers and Sisters strives to effectively strengthen family relationships and empower each individual family member, especially the youth, by utilizing mentoring and educational programs, various social events and the arts to promote strong family bonds. We are our Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper!


Our promise is to treat each family, regardless of social, ethnic, religious or economic background, with respect, compassion and integrity. Our sincere passion is to help our community..